3 Easy Ways To Be A GREAT Cuck

I have played with a lot of good and bad cucks in my years as a phone sex girl and virtual escort. Of course, when you call, it’s my job to entertain you and make your fantasy feel real. It’s what I enjoy doing and how I ended up in this line of work. However, there is something magnetic about a good cuck that makes our play even better and makes me excited when I see their name pop up on my call list. When I’m excited, I flow better, and we both have a great time.

So whether you are in a cuckold relationship in real life, or take part in the fantasy on a call, here are some ways to be an excellent cuck and make the experience better all round.

An Excellent Cuck Communicates Well!

If you have a particular kink that really gets you going, let your partner know. Maybe it is cum eating, or being tied to a chair in the corner while forced to watch. Whatever your particular urges, make it known. Your partner cannot read your mind, and although they may be the one in charge, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to know what really makes you tick.

Having an idea of what you like will help your partner when teasing you or planning out a cuckolding experience. It can lighten the pressure on them and in turn create a better experience for you both. I like to get creative, but the more I know upfront, the more ideas I can pull from in the moment. Your partner will have the ultimate say in what you end up doing, but it helps to speak up about preferences.

Deepen Your Role Outside Of Playtime

Maybe you are in a 24/7 cuckolding lifestyle, or maybe you just dabble with your partner or on a call with me. Whatever your level of involvement, find ways to expand your knowledge of cuckolding. I don’t just mean the practicalities of finding a Bull or dealing with your emotions afterwards, but really getting into the mindset of a cuck. Read or listen to erotica on cuckolding, ask yourself questions about what you would do in certain situations, come up with creative little stories in your mind.

Work on your confidence around expressing yourself, and the things that turn you on, even if you think they are weird or embarrassing. I promise, someone, somewhere has been turned on by the same thing! The more you understand yourself as a cuck, and fill your mind with hot cuckolding materials, the better you will be in the moment. You will be able to sink into your submissive position and have ideas, words, facial expressions flow out of you more naturally. You’ll love it and so will your partner. You will find new avenues of arousal that you didn’t know you had!

And Lastly, A Fantastic Cuck Remembers That…

It’s all about HER. Yes, you get turned on by the cuckold life. Seeing your partner dressed up beautifully for a date, knowing you aren’t invited, gets your dick all twitchy and your head all swirly. But this isn’t the point. If you want to FULLY embrace being a cuck, you have to embody the role and think about her pleasure first. Really focus on how good SHE must be feeling as that Bull’s thick cock slides into her. Think about how good it is for her to have orgasm after orgasm, EVEN if it doesn’t involve you at all. This is when you become a really amazing cuck to play with, when we can truly feel you putting us first.

Enjoy your cuckolding adventures and don’t forget to download this HOT & FREE Cuckolding Erotic MP3.

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