5 Things I Love About My Cucks

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It may come as a surprise to some people, but just because a partner of mine is a cuck, doesn’t mean I don’t have things I absolutely love about them. There’s a reason I love being the one in control in a relationship or casual encounter, and there’s things cucks do that drive me wild sometimes. Here are just a few of the ways in which a cuck can drive me CRAZY.

1. When My Cuck Pays For My Lingerie For Dates With Bulls

Stick around here for long and you’ll see that what turns me on THE MOST is money. Money is power in this big old world, always has been. I want more money even when I am comfortably living. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and see my investment account snowballing. And I want to see my cucks giving up that form of power to me, knowing it is one of only a few ways they can please me…because they are rarely or ever going to be able to please me sexually.

I especially love teasing my cuck with my lingerie before a date with another man. “What do you think of me in this?” I say as I turn around and show of my perfect ass. I may even push them down and hover my pussy above them, reminding them of what they don’t get, and what my date is going to have access to tonight. It makes for endless fun and gets me even more turned on for what’s to come.

2. When Cucks Whimper As I Tease

Oh god, is there anything hotter than watching a man go weak at the knees over something you’ve said or done? If there is, I’ve never found it. It pushes me right into my Queen space when a man begins to lose his mind to me, when every little thing I do or say just makes his head spin. I love the taste of power and control that comes with it, and I love seeing the frustration build on their faces when they know they aren’t going to get to have me even though their cocks are throbbing for me.

3. When Cucks Cum Too Easily

When I start to hear the words “oh nooo! Oh no” Sorryyyyy!!” over the phone, when I’ve been doing something as simple as telling my cuck what shoes I am putting on for a date with a Bull that night, it sends me into a fit of joy….I laugh, I squeal and I get a bit hyper. I don’t know if this is just me but when a cuck can’t control himself and loses his load before even touching himself or discussing anything directly sexual, it just makes my day, honestly.

Maybe it is the feeling of seeing a man who usually appears quite stereotypically “manly” to the outside world, turn into a weak, trembling pathetic mess that gets me going. It’s the power…who am I kidding, you know I’m all about it! Being able to invoke a bodily response from someone with my words just thrills me.

4. The Respectful Cucks

I know maybe this one is a little boring but in my line of work as a phone sex operator, I talk to many many people over the course of a week that just do not know how to treat a woman with a basic level of respect, let alone what I expect for myself as the gorgeous, sexual siren that I am. Most of these men get blocked of course, but having to hear them at all can tire me out. My favourite men, and the ones most likely to get extra attention from me are the ones who approach me with respect, know what they want (or want to ask me) and appreciate that the rates for my time are set and not there to haggle.

This is just basic courtesy of course and doesn’t apply to those outside of phone sex work, but I think it’s important to note because if you’re a cuck reading this and interested in a long term relationship with a woman who charges, it can make a big difference to your experience. Like I said, I will give my good, long term cucks and subs extra attention, they will be on my mind more often, I will feel more fondness towards them and share more extras or exclusives with them before others. It’s also better for my creativity and flow when I feel relaxed and respected, which makes for a better experience all round!

5. Smart Cucks Make My Brain Ache

And I mean in a good way! I want my cucks to get weak and messy over being cuckolded by me, of course…but if they are weak and unintelligent to start with, in my opinion it’s less fun. It’s like saying you fought a cat with your bare hands versus taking down a lion, you know? (Relax, I don’t condone fighting either) I love taking a smart, successful man and making him tremble, beg, leak in his boxers and go to bed crying as I’m out fucking an alpha Bull.

Is it weird that I actually want the Bull to be a bit dumb? It feels like it would be even more torturous and tasty to come back and tell my cuck that for all his smarts, his hard work in life, his success….that all I wanted was a big dumb muscly Bull to take me. Ahhh. I make myself laugh some days!

So those are just some of the things I love about my cucks. Want to see if you’re worthy of even being one? Or maybe listen to some delicious recordings of my adventures? Click here to find out more.

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