I’m Ana, a dirty minded 32 year old woman that loves everything kinky!

Since I was a young woman I have been fascinated by anything kinky, sensual, naughty and adventurous. I grew up in a religious household and as I broke free I realised how much I love sex and exploring kinks. I love to roleplay and found myself taking part in the crazy world of SecondLife where I became a virtual stripper/escort. I found myself enjoying this more than my regular work, and soon I was making so much I had to consider what I was doing with my career. I decided to expand my voice sex services to the wider world, and now you can find me on various other platforms to play with. I have a passion for delving deep into fantasies and bringing them to life for my clients.

This website is to share my own experiences, short erotic stories and information of kinks for the curious minded. I hope you enjoy it!

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About Ana Yates & For The Love Of Kink