3 Easy Ways To Be A GREAT Cuck

I have played with a lot of good and bad cucks in my years as a phone sex girl and virtual escort. Of course, when you call, it’s my job to entertain you and make your fantasy feel real. It’s what I enjoy doing and how I ended up in this line of work. However, there is something magnetic about a good cuck that makes our play even better and makes me excited when I see their name pop up on my call list. When I’m excited, I flow better, and we both have a great time.

Hotwife Confession – My Very First Time – Part 2

I could see him approaching and hear the crunching of the pebbles on the shore as I wrapped my hand around Mike’s already throbbing cock. My mouth was filling with saliva in anticipation of tasting him, and my heart was racing at the thought of my husband’s outrage. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked the head of Mike’s cock, savouring the taste before my husband inevitably put a stop to things.