Hotwife Confession – My Very First Time – Part 2

If you’ve just landed here I recommend you read the first part of my Hotwife Journey where I tell you just how I even began to experiment outside of my marriage. Now where were we?

Was My Husband About To Ruin My First Hotwife Experience?

I could see him approaching and hear the crunching of the pebbles on the shore as I wrapped my hand around Mike’s already throbbing cock. My mouth was filling with saliva in anticipation of tasting him, and my heart was racing at the thought of my husband’s outrage. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked the head of Mike’s cock, savouring the taste before my husband inevitably put a stop to things.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he stood in front of us, blocking the view of the crowd and began to unzip his jeans. I leaned forward for another lick and delighted in the noise leaving Mike’s mouth. I could feel him getting harder by the second. My husband stood there, his cock in his hand, slowly stroking…his sign of approval I guess. I turned all of my attention back to Mike. He was all I could think about at that time and I was ecstatic to be living out my real hotwife fantasy.

I worked my tongue down the shaft of Mike’s swollen dick, feeling him pulsate as I built up the anticipation. Then slowly I began to take as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. He was so much bigger than my husband…I tried to force it down further but ended up gagging. Mike seemed to like this, so I did it again and again until there was so much saliva built up in my mouth, it was dribbling down my chin. My pussy was so wet by this point I just had to be fucked. I didn’t care who was watching or if it upset my husband, he would just have to deal with it. I wanted Mike to fuck me and I was going to make it happen.

The Hotwife Fucking Begins…

I stood up, dizzy from the rush of being with Mike, of cuckolding my husband for the first time and probably from choking over and over on Mike’s fat cock. I turned away from Mike and lifted my skirt up to reveal my bare ass in a tiny red thong that was already soaked through from the excitement. My husband was standing there just letting this happen, acting as a screen between us and our friends. He was already leaking a little and now by comparison his cock looked tiny in his hand. Mike began to run a hand down my bare ass cheek and slid a finger underneath “Hmmm I see you’re all ready for me now” he said as he pulled my soaked thong to the side. I pushed my hips back, desperate to feel him fill me up like a real man. I felt the head of his cock stroking my pussy lips before he pushed against me firmly, my tight cunt opening just enough for him to enter me.

I let out an involuntary cry as he stretched me open, it was so powerful, feeling this size of a cock in me, I just couldn’t control my self. Mike’s hands grabbed my hips as he pulled me closer to him, stretching me more with every inch. He began thrusting into my now sopping wet pussy, matching the tempo of my husband’s strokes. The whole thing was utterly surreal.

I placed my hands on my thighs so I could bend over more, I wanted every inch of Mike deep inside me. I wanted my husband to see it, and what a real man looks like fucking a beautiful woman like me. Things got faster and harder until I couldn’t even keep the moans in anymore, I didn’t care who heard me or saw me. Mike’s balls were slapping off my clit at such an angle that I could tell I was about to cum very soon. My pussy started spasming involuntarily and clamping down on Mike’s veiny member. This made him lose control and fuck me the hardest I think I had ever been fucked before. I fell forward a little at the sheer force, and put my hand out to hold myself up, I was now ass in the air as Mike railed me, my husband jerking off furiously in the dark next to us. Mike was ruining my pussy for everyone to see, and it felt like a drug.

The noise of my wet pussy with Mike pounding into me was probably enough to alert everyone even if I had managed to keep my screams in. He was animalistic in his thrusts, taking my whole body as if he owned it. I craved the seed of a real man inside me as I held myself up, trying not to fall under his strength. Finally I felt him begin to cum inside me, throbbing and squirting, sending me over the edge into an ecstatic orgasm, my knees buckling as I stumbled to the ground, Mike still inside me, filling me up.

The Cuck

I spent a few minutes on the ground, pulsating, trembling and catching my breath. Mike’s heavy body was still pressed against my back as he held himself up with one arm to avoid crushing me. When I had finally caught my breath I remembered…oh my god! My husband! I turned to look up and there he was, panting, his semi hard cock in his hand with cum dribbling down. Clearly he had enjoyed himself too!

Things were a little awkward with our friends afterwards, but it turns out Mike and Kelly were into the swinging lifestyle, and so we both learned a lot from them afterwards (with a few more encounters!).

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