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This is a snippet of my Public Sex Cuckolding MP3 that I just released, in which I turn you into my cuck husband, HUMILIATING you in a restaurant full of people. If you aren’t prepared to be extremely turned on and frustrated at the end, walk away now. For those that think they can handle the heat, let’s get into it!

Let’s Eat Out

It’s been months of feeling like I am slipping away from you. When we were young, it was all we could do to keep our hands off each other. Of course, I was young and naïve when we met, I thought the sex we were having was good until the initial hormones wore off. I found myself searching for something more. You could tell I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore, but no matter what you tried, you couldn’t seem to satisfy me.

You decided to treat me to a fancy meal out at an expensive restaurant, hoping that the atmosphere would bring us closer. I got all dressed up in a tight, red velvet bodycon dress that hugged every curve of my gorgeous body. That was another thing that had become problematic. While I had kept my beautiful looks into my 30’s, yours had started to wane. I didn’t look at you the same any more.

As we walked into the restaurant, you opened the door for me, and I walked in ahead where a waiter was ready to take us to our table. You noticed how attractive he was. 20’s, strong, handsome…and the way he smiled at me, your wife…you knew that he thought I was smoking hot too.

Your Hot Wife’s Wandering Eyes

We sat at our table, making small talk about work, the house, the dog and so on. You can tell that my mind is wandering, and you catch me looking over at the waiter each time he comes by. You wonder if I even realise I’m doing it, the way I flutter my eyelashes at him, the way my finger is slowly running down my chest, drawing attention to my cleavage in this tight red dress.

As we got through our starters, and the conversation dwindles, you tried to flirt with me and capture my attention. Each attempt failed, leaving you feeling less and less of a man. Eventually, I let out a long sigh, dabbed the corners of my mouth with my napkin and excused myself.

Taking What I Want, Ignoring Your Needs

You noticed that almost every man I walked by in the restaurant was looking my way, hoping their dates didn’t notice them staring. I headed confidently towards the area where the handsome waiter was talking to another member of staff. As I strolled by, I ran a red finger nail down his arm, quickly catching his attention. Your eyes were locked on me, wondering what I was doing, feeling your cheeks redden as you saw the waiter follow me down the corridor, towards the bathrooms.

Surely your wife wasn’t about to meet with him? What was she about to do…have public sex here in the restaurant? Your mind was racing, panicking over losing me. Your jaw dropped in amazement as I opened the door to the disabled bathroom, and quickly pulled him in. You felt your stomach drop as you realised just what I was about to do. Only metres away from the restaurant area…with you sat there, waiting, humiliated, in front of a room full of couples enjoying their meals.

A Surprising Discovery

Yet, another sensation took over as you sit there. You felt the blood slowly creeping into your cock, it began to harden under the table as you imagined what he might be doing to me at that moment. You were even more embarrassed at your arousal. Why are you getting aroused by your wife having public sex and humiliating you? Are you becoming a cuck?

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the waiter and I were kissing passionately. The kind of kiss that only happens with pure lust and sexual attraction. The kind you haven’t had from me in years. His hands ran through my perfectly curled hair, as he pressed me against the bathroom door. He kissed me and made his way down my chest, pulling my low-cut dress to the side, his tongue running down towards my pink, erect nipples. His strong hands caressed my soft thighs, which made me moan out loud, enough to be heard outside the door.

Is Your Wife Having Public Sex, In Front Of You?!

You sat there mortified, you were trying to figure out what to do with your hands and face so as not to stand out. Your cheeks were bright red and your cock was still throbbing in your boxers. “Maybe a strong drink will do the trick” you thought to yourself, just as you heard a moan coming from the bathroom. Did other people hear it too? They were surely wondering where your date went and why you were sat there all alone.

As you sipped on your martini, his fingers pushed my thong aside and slowly slipped into my dripping wet pussy. I leaned my head back against the door and let out another deep moan, as he fingered me. My knees went weak at every touch from him, I hadn’t felt this way in years. I’ve been longing for a real man to come and take me, a man who knows how to make me lose control.

Your Wife Humiliates You

A loud moan broke the atmosphere in the restaurant, everyone looked up for a second before returning to their conversations….trying to ignore the noises coming from the bathroom. You just wanted to curl up and die, you knew that people saw your wife walk in there with the waiter. She didn’t even try and hide it. If it wasn’t for the rock hard erection you were trying to hide, you would have just walked straight out of there.

Inevitably, it was all too much for me to handle and I needed to feel him fully inside me. I placed one hand on the counter and leaned forward towards the mirror, my beautiful butt pushed out behind me as a signal for him to take me. With my other hand, I reached behind me and slowly pulled the tight red fabric up and over my ass…

I Know You Want More of This Public Sex Story!

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