What Is A Praise Kink? And Examples!

A praise kink (or affirmation kink) is when a person receives sexual pleasure through words of praise, affirmation, and recognition. It is not restricted to a dominant or submissive role and can include all manner of praise, such as appearance, performance, intelligence, and obedience. Many people have a praise kink and don’t even realise it, and some find it a turn-on to be both humiliated and praised. In this post, I’ll discuss some ways a praise kink may develop, some praise kink phrases, and how to explore it more with a partner or alone.

How Does an Affirmation Kink Develop?

There’s so much speculation, research and discussion around how kinks and fetishes develop. So far, I have not seen any definitive answer. A praise kink, specifically, may develop from a lack of acknowledgment in our younger years, or from an experience that shaped us – such as a professor in college who praised us for good grades. We can often live out fears or uncomfortable situations through our kinks, and grow from them. You may feel shy in real life, when accepting praise and compliments, but in a sexual situation, the freedom to enjoy the praise feels amazing, and can enhance the experience.

Many people enjoy a praise kink through Dominant/submissive play. Maybe you are a sub that enjoys hearing from your Domme that you have been a good boy in performing a task she asked of you. Or perhaps you pride yourself in your oral skills, and hearing how good you make her feel sends you over the edge. Dominants can also enjoy words of worship, adoration, and recognition. I know I do!

Whatever the reason for developing a praise kink, it really doesn’t matter. It’s quite a normal, common kink to have. So much so, that people often don’t realise there is a term for it!

Do You Feel Embarrassed About Your Desires?

I have talked to many people as a phone sex operator, with a wide variety of kinks and fetishes. It’s surprising how many people are afraid to tell me they have a praise kink. Even people who will happily tell me a variety of weird and wonderful things they are into. I think this is because it can feel wrong to enjoy such praise as if you are being self-centered or big-headed to want to hear these things.

But the truth of it is, everyone needs praise sometimes. It can make us feel loved and cared for, or beautiful and powerful! If indulging in your praise kink gets you off, relax and enjoy it. It’s a great way to practice looking at yourself through the eyes of another, and seeing how valuable you are.

What Does A Praise Kink Look Like?

A praise kink, or affirmation kink as it is sometimes known as, can range from the quite simple “Good boy” or “Just like that!” to more complex and creative phrases. Here is a sample of what I might use with a caller or submissive partner. You can use these with your partner or show them as an example of what you might like them to say to you. Of course, get creative and see what you can come up with on your own. Keep in mind, I am predominantly the one in charge during my interactions, so my phrases reflect that.

Praise Kink Phrases For Dominants/Tops

  • I LOVE the way your dick feels in me, you know just how to please me.
  • Your tongue is so talented, it sends me over the edge.
  • You’re such a good boy, always making sure I’m comfortable.
  • You’ve got such a pretty face, perfect for sitting on.
  • You give the BEST foot rubs, you make my whole body tingle.
  • You’re so smart, you know just what I need before I even ask.
  • Mmmm keep going, your fingers are so talented.

Praise Kink Phrases For Submissives/Bottoms

If you’re a submissive type, and your Dom(me) has a praise kink, you might want to use something like the following.

  • I love the way you take control of me, I can’t help but go weak.
  • You have the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen, I just want to put my face in it and never leave.
  • The way you tease me drives me wild, you get inside my brain.
  • Your pussy is the best-tasting thing on the planet.
  • You’re too hot/powerful, I can’t stop myself from cumming
  • Please, PLEASE don’t stop that miss, you’re torturing me!

I may or may not have turned myself on by writing those submissive ones. I do like having my ego stroked while we play!

How To Tell A Partner About Your Kink

Being the sex-positive kind of person I am, I don’t struggle to tell my partners what I want most of the time. If you’re in a relationship with someone that you feel comfortable with, just remember that it’s fine to share kinks, and they should be met with no judgment if that person cares for you. They are within their rights to say no, and it’s important that you respect that. If your partner is interested in learning about your praise kink, maybe show them article like this and discuss which things they may have said in the past that you enjoyed.

How to Enjoy A Praise Kink If You’re Single

If you don’t currently have a partner, or maybe your partner isn’t someone who enjoys dirty talk and praise kinks, then you may want to explore the world of erotic audio (if you haven’t already!). There are many audios out there that cater to praise kinks, as well as phone sex lines. It can be frustrating to have a kink that isn’t being fulfilled, but if you do some exploring, you may find someone you click well with.

Thankfully, affirmation and compliments and not that difficult for people to understand, so you should be able to indulge with a partner or professional and get your rocks off!

Getting Creative With Your Praise Kink

As I am a cuckoldress, and a dominant sex partner, I often use humiliation in my play. Whether it’s telling a man he is weak and useless to me or mocking him for struggling to hold back his orgasm, I enjoy putting my men in their place. However, I don’t think that humiliation and praise have to be mutually exclusive. You can get creative about when and where you use praise.

I find that a good time to use praise is when my partner least expects it. I may have just spent half an hour wearing him down, edging him, making him go down on me, sitting on his face and telling him how worthless he is. Maybe I have just been teasing him with my pussy, showing him another man’s cum inside me, until he is begging to clean me up. Then, I will suddenly start praising him, just as he is reaching rock bottom. Giving him a little compliment on how good he looks as my weak man, or how well his tongue slurps up every last drop of cum.

So, What Is A Praise Kink, Really?

I think a praise kink can be such a broad kink, that really it comes down to what you and your partner enjoy together. Explore your dynamic and don’t be afraid to try new things and laugh at yourselves. If you don’t have someone to explore with, check out more about me and my services. Enjoy your praise kink the way you want to!

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